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02:00 hours
Join our Free Tour and explore the charms of Cartagena on foot. Discover the history, culture, and local secrets as you immerse yourself in the fascinating corners of this unique city. It's a free experience that will connect you with the authentic essence of Cartagena!
03:30 hours
From: 23,00
Flavours and Stroll in Cartagena: Tapas Route with Guided Exploration. Discover the culinary essence of Cartagena with our tempting Tapas Route, combined with a guided stroll through the most picturesque corners of the city. Delight your palate with authentic local flavors and immerse yourself in the history of Cartagena at each stop. A unique gastronomic and cultural experience that invites you to enjoy the city in a delicious way!
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03:00 hours
From: 18,00
Discover the historical essence of Cartagena on our charming Walking Tour. Stroll through the picturesque streets that hold centuries-old secrets and immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Roman Theatre, a living testimony of the past. Connect with history at every step and let the magic of Cartagena envelop you in this unique experience!
03:00 hours
Discover the city through our local storytellers on an exciting Free Tour. Immerse yourself in their stories as you stroll through the historic streets and discover the treasures that make Murcia unique. A free experience that connects you with the authentic essence of the city!
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03:30 hours
From: 25,00
Flavours and Tradition in Murcia: Tapas Route with Guided Stroll. Explore the charms of Murcia through our senses. Enjoy a delightful Tapas Route as you immerse yourself in a guided stroll through the most emblematic places of the city. Delight your palate with local flavors and discover the rich history that Murcia has to offer with every bite and every step.
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03:00 hours
From: 35,00
Discover the ancient art of cutting Iberian ham in Cartagena. Join us on a gastronomic tour of the city as we explore historic landmarks and enjoy a live demonstration by master "jamoneros." Immerse yourself in Spanish culture with tastings of local wine and an unforgettable culinary experience.
03:00 hours
From: 19,00
Historical Walking Tour: Discover the Charms of Murcia with a Fascinating Walking Tour that Includes an Exclusive Visit to the Casino. Immerse Yourself in the Cultural Richness of the City and Live a Unique Experience in One of Its Most Emblematic Places.
00:45 hours
From: 8,00
Explore the port city comfortably aboard our tourist train. Discover the history as you admire and photograph its monuments, military buildings, and the impressive urban landscape.
00:30 hours
Explore maritime grandeur from above at the Cabo de Palos Lighthouse, the only visitable tower in the Region of Murcia and the second tallest lighthouse in Spain. Immerse yourself in history, enjoy exceptional panoramic views, and live a unique experience alongside the imposing sea.
Ruta baterías
03:30 hours
From: 19,00
Embark on a unique journey through time as you explore Cartagena's defensive architecture on an exciting hiking tour. Enjoy breathtaking views and treat your palate to an authentic Spanish tapa at the end, making this half-day experience truly unforgettable.
01:30 hours
From: 40,00
Explore Crystal Clear Waters: Snorkeling in Cabo de Palos. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the Mediterranean with our exciting snorkeling tour in Cabo de Palos. Descubre la riqueza de la vida submarina en las aguas cristalinas de esta impresionante ubicación, conocida como la mejor reserva marina de Europa. Guided by local experts, we will take you to the most fascinating corners. Book now and experience the unique snorkeling adventure in Cabo de Palos!
03:00 hours
From: 80,00
Dive into Excellence: Diving Tour in the Cabo de Palos Marine Reserve! Discover the magic of the Mediterranean with our exclusive diving tour in the renowned Cabo de Palos Marine Reserve, considered the best in Europe. Let yourself be captivated by the richness of colors and marine life as you explore reefs and shipwrecks, guided by our certified instructors. A unique experience awaits. Book now and dive into the underwater greatness of Cabo de Palos!

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We had some great days. Our guide made all her visits very enjoyable and fun. 100% recommended!
cosmopolita citizen
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I had a great experience with Luca when planning our time in Northern Italy - he was so knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with! Luca is extremely good at what he does. Their communication is fast and accurate. He arranged our private transportation (cars and boats!), recommended hotels (we loved them!), purchased admission tickets in advance for us (very convenient and time-saving!), and has a team that is as professional and friendly as they were. he! You will not be disappointed! I can't wait to plan another trip with Luca!
janice curtis
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Luca has helped us with many trips over the last few years. I think we are now planning trip number 10. We know that if we book a trip with him, it will be amazing! He has top quality recommendations and is very organized. He often personally knows the tour guides and others he organizes for us, and they all love working with him. Ensures we have the best experience!
Google review
The best private tours are exactly what they say they are... "the best!" …. I have used Best Private Tours for over 10 years and found them great to deal with...reliable, efficient, helpful and honest...their response time is fast which I like and they will suggest options when needed.. .I would really recommend Best Priate Tours and consider them world class standard….
Dominic Considine
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They provide us with very good cruise tours (5) in the Western Mediterranean at a reasonable price. We really enjoyed all our tours with them.
Bob Liu
Google review
The tour guides were amazing and informative and the drivers very, very good and helpful.
Ron burns
Google review
Very good and excellent service from Lucca, I highly recommend them
Lucia Valdes
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